abInventio is an invention factory that uses math, technology, and hard work to make life a bit easier and more fun. abInventio was recognized as Most Innovative Company of the Year in North America Distinguished Honoree by the International Business Awards. abInventio products are used by millions of people around the world, by Fortune 500 companies across two continents, and by governments and universities across America. As you can see, we spend our time building products, not a fancy corporate website. You can read below for a sampling of the solutions we've cooked up:


Have you ever wished it was easier to find out everything about a person, or find their social network profiles? Just use Whozat, The People Search Engine. Whozat beat Google and every other major search engine by almost 3 to 1 in relevance of people search results in a blind test for a 3rd party-compiled list of people, was recognized by TechCrunch20 as one of the 100 hottest new start-ups in the planet, and has topped AltSearchEngines' The New Top 10 list of search engines in stealth for the whole time we were in stealth...you wouldn't believe what we've discovered about some of you!


On another line of thought (pun intended), how would you like to avoid waiting in line at the DMV, college registration or your favorite retailer? You can! Just visit QLess, the winner for Best Computer Services Company at the American Business Awards for five consecutive years.


But we don't just solve our own problems! Do you have innovation or algorithmic problems that are stumping you? We're here to help—click here to get started.


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abInventio is an equal opportunity employer, will let you work from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection, and does not care about your hours or calendar as long as you get the job done.